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A fair amount of work has been progressed on finalizing the first suburban seismic forecasting station, in that recently, the transmitter which will be used for broadcasting seismic data on the frequency of 7102 kilocycles has been completed.

IMG 5530
Data beacon transmitter.

This transmitter will be tied to a data processing unit, connected to receiving equipment designated for local telluric seismic measuring, and be capable of broadcasting in morse code telluric signal level. This transmitter makes use of two 807 beam tubes in push-pull configuration to produce a 100 watt carrier signal. Given the use of high magnification factor tuning and output coils in conjunction with the final stage of the transmitter, power will likely exceed 100 watts. This output will then be fed into a 34 foot vertical antenna, in series with a low impedance ground plane for long distance broadcasting of live forecasting information coming off the equipment racks.

As for secondary experimental beacon efforts, the same ground plane in use will be capable of radio transmission in the Tesla telluric fashion, as shown below:

IMG 5526
General Tesla transmission configuration with extra coil sitting atop an elevated platform.

This setup makes use of a single coil series fed to an impedance matching toroid, in line with the ground plane terminal at the apex of the nearby copper pipe. Given the construction of the coil made with HDPE and PTFE plastic, the standalone magnification factor of the coil is quite immense, typically exceeding 1000 numeric. Therefore, any input radio frequency signal would become incredibly magnified and directed into the Earth via the ground plane and reflecting topmost copper ring. A second identical coil has been constructed which is to be used as the far away receiving component, capable of delivering more answers on Tesla-longitudinal communication.

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