The High Voltage Plasma Tube offers a  simplistic glass tube which may be evacuated to different vacuum pressures including (10⁻¹ Torr,  10⁻³ Torr,  10⁻⁵ Torr,  and  10⁻⁷ Torr).

To the unfamiliar individual who seeks to understand the difference between vacuum pressure and plasma characteristics, adhere to the following link:

This type of tube does not contain any added gases, as it merely possesses stray vacuum contaminants such as water vapor, nitrogen, and minute impurities. A unique plasma may be activated into a state of brilliant phosphorescence through the introduction of nearby high voltage, either of Alternating Current or Direct Current form. This vacuum tube is suited for performing simple high voltage – high vacuum experiments, in conjunction with a conventional Tesla Coil.

Note, that each tube is handmade from scratch, meaning there will be a lead time of two weeks for a tube order to be completed upon placement of order.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 in
Vacuum Pressure

0.1 Torr, 0.001 Torr, 0.00001 Torr, 0.0000001 Torr