Seismic Photos

General receiving setup and measuring equipment
Earth – Ionosphere electrostatic potential measurement 
Loudspeaker for atmospheric electrical activity audio 
Daily chart recordings for Ionospheric and Telluric activity 
Earth – Atmosphere audio activity recordings, used with selective voltmeter (no BFO)
View of atmospheric antenna – 300′ in length
Antenna mast – 35′ tall
Feed point of antenna going into shack
Generalized layout of Earth – Ionosphere measuring setup
Aerial view of antenna configuration
Oscillogram of Atmospheric activity, with respect to nearby radio stations
Various impulses of atmospheric setup
Ionospheric noise surge 20 hours prior to earthquake in Japan
Noise activity 20 hours post earthquake
Generalized layout of Telluric receiving setup
“North” Earth terminal – telluric receiving setup
Line going to Southern ground terminal 
Various Telluric impulses – electrostatic potential configuration