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As the completion of an ultra high vacuum system is now in use, the final development of the Tesla Bruh Bulb has now been achieved. This is to say that with the tedious nature of the very construction of the bulbs, a new path way into their replication in decent numbers is now underway.

The Brush Bulb successfully replicated at the present, definitely provides peculiar phenomena of the vacuum, and begs new questions as too if the so called vacuum is “empty,” or is rather filled with a medium, in which excited upon by RF energies, gives way to luminescence and other displays of moving matter.

This is to acknowledge the following factors: each bulb is heated for an extended period of time so that any trapped molecular contaminants are removed, and the diffusion vacuum pump employed reaches a pressure of 10-9 Torr. This means that the possibility of any remaining contaminants such as water vapor cannot possibly exist in the bulb after it’s sealed off, which would give way to luminescence in the theoretical sense. This leads to the ultimate question of why essentially a pure vacuum could have the ability to light up?

While this question is presently under thorough investigation, the following photographs show some experiments with a brush bulb powered by a mere 10 watts of RF energy, showing the sensitivity of the very vacuum.

It should be noted that the outer sphere of the bulb is evacuated to a pressure of 10-9 Torr, and the inner bulb is evacuated to 10-4 Torr (a tentative pressure value).

IMG 20220312 0846371
(Closest to the camera), a Brush Bulb after being evacuated to a high degree of exhaustion, and behind, an experimental Brush Bulb prior to evacuation.
IMG 20220313 1331264
The same bulb pictured above, while being fed by the terminal of a high magnification coil, powered by 10 watts of RF energy.
IMG 20220312 1217209
The same bulb used in the center of two inward facing coils for cosmic induction research.
IMG 20220312 1211445
Bulb positioned at a different angle.

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