Up until now, the suburban experimental seismic forecasting station has been based upon handwritten charts, with measurements taken at the same time of the day. Recently, effort has been made to construct a self sustaining 24 hour measuring system, which actively receives seismic activity and records it. So far, an equipment rack, along with measuring equipment has been constructed/obtained, and will eventually progress to the finalization process. Below are photographs of what is currently under development.


IMG 5065
Equipment rack with sensitive receiving bays.
IMG 5072
Rustrak chart recorders will be used for recording data. Their size and economical paper usage makes them optimal for constant measuring applications.


The finalization of the seismic rack will be accompanied by the refinement and reassembly of the current receiving antenna in current use.

Eventually, the recorder data produced by the rack, will have the ability to simultaneously produce identical visual representation of the signals received, on this website for the public to see.

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