As seen in the previous post, the new experimental station is currently near completion, as some of the major components have been found, and are mounted on the rack. The only equipment bays to add left is the filter unit, an audio bay, and lastly the power supply. On a side note, it should be mentioned that a generous portion of received donations have gone solely to this project alone, as it may be the first 24 hour suburban seismic station on a historical perspective. Due to the costly effort in making this station come about, all donations are greatly accepted to finance different parts of the station to keep it up and running continuously. Once the equipment rack is completely finished, a detailed walk-through video will be published to showcase each individual working system in action.

IMG 5191
The seismic rack as of now.
IMG 5166
An example of the oscilloscope in use to analyze atmospheric signals.
IMG 5193
Filtering unit under construction – designed to filter out third and ninth harmonic interference from the received seismic signals.
IMG 5194
Top view of tube and transformer layout.

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