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Building off from the newly existing Earth-ground instillation as described in this post, an experimental platform has been constructed for the placement of any coil apparatus atop the dual barrel Earth connection. It was initially proposed by Eric Dollard to implement a structure of a respectful height situated above the ground plane, to which a coil(s) can be tentatively operated without instability of temporary clip leads or loose supports. The structure proposed is quite simple, giving similar characteristics to a standard power distribution transformer deck, although suited for the Tesla monopolar system.

Shown below is a roughly half scale physical copy of the testing deck, as positioned above the grounded Earth-barrels.

IMG 6115
Fig. 4 – Primordial telluric testing platform with established Earth connection. Coax connections will be shown later.

Displayed in figure 2, is the initial design of the testing platform, with the example of a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter coil arrangement resting upon the deck. It should be noted that the coax feed line in the background is exempt for this telluric setup, as it terminates elsewhere.

IMG 6117
Fig. 5 – Bottom view of deck, showing the solid ground termination.
IMG 6118
Fig. 6 – Top view.

It should be recognized that the potential pick-up wire suspended above the platform has not been connected at the time this photograph was taken.

A followup post will show the necessary coaxial connections made as proper.

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