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As in the previous post where an evacuated sphere possessing no special physical characteristics was shown displaying physical phenomena, the following shows work carried out with a Brush Bulb. In this circumstance, this Brush Bulb has been evacuated via a turbo-molecular pump to a degree of 0.00000001 Torr. Whereas the inner sphere “glass electrode” has been evacuated to a tentative vacuum pressure of 0.0001 Torr. This lower pressure is visualized by the characteristic blue glow of the oxygen still present within this inner section. As stated in the dual illumination Tesla presentations delivered at the 2021 and 2022 ESTC conferences, the inner bulb’s working pressure is not a distinctive value, since Tesla had no way of determining a definitive value. This unknown value persists in both the inner and outer bulb. Further experimentation will allow for quantification of an effective working vacuum, at which some level of mercury vapor is present to an extent.

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