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References made in this post can be seen in the latest High Frequency Illumination Lecture from the 2022 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

As a new turbo molecular pump has become available, certain high vacuum experiments have been carried out to investigate the properties of high frequency in a vacuum environment. The video above shows the use of the mentioned turbo molecular pump and heating elements for attainment of ultra high vacuum.

The following photographs and descriptions will confine itself to the first bulb presented in the video, in which a completely devoid vessel is employed. All specific phenomena observed in this bulb is described in the above mentioned video. The below photographs will aid the viewer in a more detailed viewing of the observed effects.

IMG 5920
IMG 5924 1
IMG 5925
IMG 5923
IMG 5921
IMG 4792
Lamp is situated upright, indirectly connected to the terminal of the connecting extra coil.

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