High Frequency

Light Bulb Plasma

Posted by Griffin Brock

In preparation for the 10th annual Energy Science & Technology Conference, high frequency illumination experiments have been carried out to great extent. The main power supply constructed for the first half of the demonstration is comprised of a single 833A power tube, configured in an Armstrong “C” class oscillator operating in CW mode. Only little is given in this post, for there will be more presented at the conference.

The finalizing of a triple 833A tube supply is underway – all tubes will be in parallel.


Single 833A power supply.


Below are photos of plasma effects obtained with only carbon filament bulbs:

This bulb is broken, and possesses two protruding carbon electrodes. Both of which illuminate with great intensity when subjected to high alternations. These electrodes are seen glowing near the glass stem.


A demonstration of energizing and de-energizing the bulb. Notice the plasma “clouds” which fill and expand upon giving power, and their contraction when the power is turned off.


Transformer testing setups


Various extra coil designs.

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