In order to produce replicable effects involving Tesla Brush Bulbs and other interesting anomalies, a suitable source of driving potential must be introduced. Rather than using a disruptive discharge circuit, commonly employed in the past, a more suitable vacuum tube driver is being constructed. It is comprised of a single RCA – 833A RF amplifier tube, with a plate dissipation of >300 watts. Of course with a resonant transformer configuration in conjunction with the tube, more power may be derived.

Uncompleted apparatus as a class “C” Armstrong Oscillator. Resonant RF transformers are currently missing from the photo.
Interior circuitry.
Inner side view.

The output power from the above setup will be used to drive a pair of identical Tesla Magnifying Transformers arranged in such a way, as to manifest phenomena within brush bulbs in close proximity. The following are photos of the resonant transformers, independent of the Colorado Spring’s construction parameters.

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