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As showcased in the 2022 Energy Science & Technology Conference, a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (TMT) was demonstrated to produce an audible modulated discharge. This coil arrangement proved to be acceptable, although for telluric transmission purposes, there existed some negative drawbacks. For instance, the connecting extra coil did not provide suitable impedance in conjunction with the dual barrel ground network, limiting its transmission efficiency. Thus, a new arrangement comprising a smaller and tighter wound extra coil was produced.

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This new extra coil closely resembles Tesla’s Colorado Springs extra coil, possessing a similar 100 turns, with the top six turns being further spaced apart to diminish potential gradients. The overall wire spacing between this coil’s turns is approximately 0.106 centimeters.

The extra coil in the above photo is provided with a telescopic capacity mast, designed to work with various sphere sizes via a connecting screw base.

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Below shows the entire setup with a designated tuning vacuum condenser attached to the primary circuit, as well as a source of radio frequency.

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A followup article will outline the TMT’s frequency characteristics, provided with potential and current node phase angles.

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