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In conjunction with work being carried out on the development of the seismic rack, attention has been temporarily directed towards high frequency and vacuum. A usefully donated high frequency disruptive discharge device known as a Diathermy Apparatus was refurbished, and brought to life some nearly 98 years later after being produced. Below are before and after photographs of the machine without its cabinet, as a suitable box is being constructed. Not having to repair any of the apparatus’s 90 year old interior components, the device reported immediately upon application of power, giving suitable high frequency currents to power a recently blown Tesla single wire lamp (shown below). This simplistic lamp measures 2.5 inches in diameter, and was exhausted to 10⁻⁸ Torr. Note, that for experimental matters, this lamp was not baked out, as Tesla would have not been able to continuously do so in the 1890’s. The lamp’s filament did not incandesce, although the rarefied plasma in close proximity to the filament produced a marvelous white glow. Curious electrostatic effects were observed at a distance, whereby a similar setup will be employed for radiant matter research.

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