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In this demonstration, a simplistic telluric radio pickup system is showcased, employing a standard radio frequency transceiver for amateur use.

The coil shown is specially designed to have a maximum magnification factor at a frequency of 2100 Kilocycles, with the intention of operating at a loaded frequency present within the 160 meter amateur radio band. This coil is series connected with an impedance matching network and an Earth terminal pipe submerged in the lake, so that to establish a low impedance path.

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The impedance matching coil which comprises a secondary winding, Ls, and a primary winding, Lp, is selectively switched via a rotary switch, so that to obtain the right impedance ratio, with respect to the ground plane used in operation. It is shown in the above pictorial figure, that a standard receiver suitable for these frequencies may be employed, along with a low power transmitter in the same frequency vicinity.

This initial experiment had occurred in May of 2022, at which the ferrite core employed was of a #43 mixture, now realized to be fairly undesirable for this frequency operation. The following posts to this article will be conducted with #61 ferrite cores, optimum for high frequency transmission and reception.

It should also be noted that this test did not completely maximize the longitudinal wave component of the received signal, as the coil was tuned to a parallel mode of resonance, rather than being operated on a series mode of resonance. The following posts will cover more advanced setups which have been produced as a result of these experiments.

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